What is A Zombie Life?

Many people like us have watched movies such as “Resident Evil” and “Night of the Living Dead”. There’s been a rise in zombie popularity lately with the TV series, “The Walking Dead”. We see movies like “World War Z” create a stir with people. Plus, we see many people prepping for just about anything, including “a zombie apocalypse”. We understand that scholars have linked the fascination with zombies to the survivalist mentality which can be traced back to WWII.

We’re a group of creative folks who love to dream big, laugh out loud, and share fun times. The whole “Zombie Life” was something we all enjoyed since it helped break up otherwise normal work weeks. If you think about it, we watch zombies all the time: “Keeping up with the Kardashians” is an example. Well, not really. But you know what we mean.

"Buzz" the boy Zombie Kitty
“Buzz” the boy Zombie Kitty

For those of you who see Zombies as hideous and grotesque creatures who shamble along craving brains and living flesh, we may not have the perfect product for you. However, if you think it’s possible to be adorably grotesque™ then you’re in for a treat. Our premiere character is Zombie Kitty. You can find other cute kitties products just about anywhere. But, none are both adorable and grotesque like ours is. Seriously. We know that there’s already a “Hello Kitty” – which we acknowledge is cute. But is it a zombie? Nope.

We have more characters coming – all adorably grotesque™ zombies. Be sure to keep track of us via social media or subscribe to our updates and promotions (“Don’t be left behind…”). Frankly, we’d love it if you use our Social Media tools to share information and our products from this site. Why? Because it’s the fun thing to do! Plus, it helps spread the good word about “a Zombie Life”. Future characters are already on the drawing board (quite literally!) and we are eager to get additional products available for you and your zombie friends. Also, if you feel that we’re missing out on a character, just contact us. Fill out this quick form for news on deals and events for A Zombie Life.